2020 Season Cancellation Announcement

May 19, 2020 9:15 AM
Alexandra Reyes-Walsh

Tuesday May 19, 2020

Dear athletes, parents and friends of the Junior Gaels Football Club

Over the last 2 months, news has been flowing in from different sources and we have remain cautiously optimistic that our season would move forward in some format or another. After our meeting with the league this past weekend, it breaks my heart to advise everyone that our 2020 is now officially cancelled.

Anyone who had registered for the 2020 Junior Gaels Football season will receive a refund or can request that the money be applied to any future program by emailing me If we don't hear from you by June 1st a credit will be automatically issued to your account for future use. For those who opt for a credit, your 2021 tryout fees will be waived. The club is asking for patience as it processes all of the refunds.

If you had told me at the beginning of 2020 that multiple sports would abruptly end their seasons, I would have called you crazy. Yet, here we are, reeling from cancelled competitions, playoffs, and seasons. Please know that we are still working on initiatives to keep football alive in the community, and we have not ruled out the possibility of putting together a short program later in the summer, camps and clinics and possibly a fall program if the opportunity were to arise.

To our graduating seniors, for some of you, this was your last chance to put your skills on display for the scouts in the stands. As a player on the verge of being discovered, losing the season can be extremely difficult and you feel as have no choice but to wait to see how things shake out. For others,this was supposed to be your swan song. You were supposed to go out in a blaze of glory not a whimper in the night... While it may be hard to imagine right now, you will one day look back and smile as you realize the incredible journey you had as a Grenadier and a Jr Gael. Deep, long lasting relationships were created between team mates. Together you saw things you never thought you would see. You pushed your body and your mind to the limits. You never gave up and for that you should be proud of yourselves. Now, you are able to share the things you have learned from your coaches, from your teammates, and from yourself with everyone you meet. And remember, you will always be welcomed home by this football family.

To all our returning players, the next challenge you will face is how you will handle this setback. Will you crumble and wilt or will you rise? Will you take what you have learned and keep working hard and be ready to go or will you put off training until its go time?

Your answers to these questions will decide your path on and off the field. And I have faith you will pick the right one.

Be safe and we hope to see you soon

Alexandra Reyes-Walsh

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